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Optimized for Television & Internet

broadcast ads

Broadcast Ads can reach millions of eyeballs, but it's imperative that they are unique and fully explain to the audience what your product or service is. Lucky for you, we are excellent at this.

How Much does it cost?

  • One 30-second Broadcast Ad starting at $15,000

  • Four 30-second Broadcast Ads starting at $50,000

  • Twelve 30-second Broadcast Ads starting at $120,000.


This goes without saying, but these prices do not include tons of actors or background extras, multiple location changes, Ads done in both English and Spanish, stunts, or a celebrity spokesperson.

ready to get started?

Let's jump on a call and see if we're pickin' up what you're puttin' down. 


So What's the Process?

  1. We mutually decide to work together!

  2. You pay the 50% deposit and our team gets right to work!

  3. We learn everything there is to know about your product or service, then present a brand voice concept, storyboards, and scripts for the ads. 

  4. Once approved, we produce the video(s) and deliver them to you in a timely fashion. The 50% remaining balance is due upon completion of the ad. 

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