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"The best local commercials
we've ever seen"
- Spectrum, Los Angeles

At Right and Left Studios, we identify your brand’s message and create memorable and shareable comedic videos that grab attention and hold it.

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Because, science!

Have you ever wondered why nearly every major company leans comedic in its advertising? Without getting too technical, the brain opens in response to two things: comedy and fear. Since we want to make your audience love you, we focus on the funny.

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We don't just do ads. We can bundle social media content, explainer videos and testimonials. Reach out for a discovery call and we'll sweep you off your proverbial feet.

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One-off ads don’t register. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Build a positive light-hearted rapport with your clients over a series of spots.  Did we mention our videos have an insanely high watch-through rate?

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Right & Left Studios, LLC 2022

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