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Get views. Get Sales.

If you're looking for boring...we ain't it.


We understand that video can be used to leverage many of the internal systems within a business. We take a deep dive into your company to understand what's working, what's not, what your goals are and how to implement measurable and repeatable systems to achieve those goals.

We create sales funnels, build personal connections with your clients, relieve bottlenecks, drive sales, raise perceived value, educate, train and more.

If you feel stuck in your area of business...chances are we can help. Click below to book a free strategy call with our team & let's see if we are a good fit for each other!

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In 2024, you NEED a
video funnel strategy

Find out how we create a strategy around
our videos to ensure they succeed.

You've heard the word "funnel" thrown around a lot, but what the heck is a funnel?  And why a funnel? And HOW A FUNNEL!? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

There, there. Easy now. We got you. Funnels ARE KEY to ensuring your campaign succeeds, but you need an asset creation strategy before you start dumping money into ad spend. Here's how we do it:


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Benjamin Drake came to us looking to do something different to stand out in a crowded Southern California market. We knew by veering Right while everyone else went Left (stuffy, corporate, slow-motion handshakes) that we could create something only Drake Law Firm had


After 14 ads and counting, repetition in a cohesive, differentiated campaign, and millions of views on social media and local cable channels, Drake Law Firm has become a beloved household name in the So Cal market.

We like funny. And so does everyone else.

Construction Accident - Drake Law Firm
Rideshare Accident - Drake Law Firm
HOSPITAL - Drake Law Firm
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We don't just do ads. We can bundle social media content, explainer videos and testimonials. Reach out for a discovery call and we'll sweep you off your proverbial feet.

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One-off ads don’t register. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Build a positive light-hearted rapport with your clients over a series of spots.  Did we mention our videos have an insanely high watch-through rate?

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